Phantom 2040 Episode Guide

Season 2

by Mark Thompson
Version 2.3

Changes since version 2.1:
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Phantom 2040

(30 min, animated, Fall 1994 - present, syndicated)
Phantom 2040 is an unusually engrossing show with a small but growing audience. Currently found in syndication across the country, its audience fluctuates with its airtime from location to location. In my home city of San Jose, it is shown at 7:00am Sunday mornings (ack!).

Phantom contains an ongoing storyline with episodic features. Based on a current and long-running comic strip, Phantom 2040 manages to incorporate many of the features of the comic without overwhelming the new viewer. The fascinating view of the medium-distant future and interesting "background story arc" is gaining the show new fans all the time - personally, I feel that this season (the show's second) Phantom 2040 is the best science fiction show on TV, edging out even such stalwarts as DS9 and B5 with its intense whipsawing plotlines and chair-gripping climaxes.

Story Background:

The Phantom is also known as "The Ghost Who Walks". He has been a part of African legend since the late 1500's, when he first appeared and began his one-man crusade for justice. Helped by a tribe of African natives and occasional assistants, the Phantom fights the "neverending battle" against injustice wherever it may be found, though nearly always in Africa.

In reality, The Phantom is a direct descendant of the first Phantom. Each father passes the mantle of the Phantom on to his son when the time is right. To the outside world, the Phantom has never aged or died in almost 500 years and has achieved a legendary status. To the Walker family, it is a family tradition and responsibility.

In the early 2020's, having united Africa and finding fewer and fewer problems to fight there, Kit Walker the 23rd Phantom took his crusade to the world. Relocating to Metropia (a renamed New York City), he began fighting the corporate schemer Max Madison. Both the Phantom and Madison vanished the same night a toxic train wreck destroyed Grand Central Station and made a large portion of Metropia uninhabitable.

It is now the year 2040, and Kit Walker Jr. has just found out about his family's unique history and his obligations. As his life is changed in unpredictable ways, he finds himself battling the same mega-corporation his father did, fighting their ultimate plan to remake the world... and begin "The Maximum Era".

Voice Credits:

Character Voices:
Parts credited in the show:
PartActorFirst app
Kit/PhantomScott Valentine101
Rebecca MadisonMargot Kidder 101
Guran J.D. Hall 101
Graft Ron Perlman* 101
(also Graft) Richard Lynch* 204
Maxwell Madison Jr Jeff Bennett 101
Maxwell Madison Sr Jeff Bennett 104
Heisenberg the Biot Rob Paulsen ** 103
Parts uncredited in the show until Season 2:
Aunt Heloise Carrie Snodgrass*** 101
Prof. Jack Archer Alan Oppenheimer 101
Sagan Cruz Leah Remini 102
Dr. Jak Mark Hamill 102
Sparks Pamela Segall 104
Mr. Cairo Paul Williams 104
Vaingloria Deborah Harry 105
Gorda Paddi Edwards 109
Pavlova (Jak's Biot) Liz Georges 103
Nia (Egyptian Queen) Iona Morris 106
Sean One Rob Paulsen 109
23rd Phantom Kit's Dad Charles Dennis**** 102
Betty (Saxophonist)Iona Morris 103
Tranh (Kit's friend) Dustin Nguyen 101
Steele Peter Renaday 116
Cordwainer Bird Harlan Ellison ***** 120
GunnarAdrian Paul203
IkonRoger Rees207
Old GuranRoscoe Lee Brown208
Actors credited with "Incidentals" by Hearst in
season 1 (playing the myriad one-liner voices)
Kath Soucie
Amanda Rogers
Actors credited in season 1, but part(s) unknown:
Mel Wells

Episode Guide:

Episodes are numbered using a system of YXX where Y is the season number and XX is the episode number within the season. Episodes are numbered according to their airdates (not their production numbers). Each episode is credited with the writer(s) name using the notation "W:" If writing credits are split (into story and teleplay), separate credit lines are given. Production Numbers are enclosed in parentheses and prefaced with "PN".

In the UK, the first showing ("series"?) consisted of 26 episodes: episodes 101-120 and 203-208. These were aired on Saturday mornings at 11.00 am on Sky One between January and June of 1995, and repeated on BBC2 beginning later that year. "Season summary" shows 201 and 202 have not yet been seen in the United Kingdom.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 (1994-95) - episode guide available here
  1. Generation Unto Generation Part 1 (PN 101)
  2. Generation Unto Generation Part 2 (PN 102)
  3. The Sum of the Parts (PN 103)
  4. Fire and I.C.E. (PN 104)
  5. Reflections of Glory (PN 105)
  6. Shadows from the Past (PN 106)
  7. The Good Mark (PN 108)
  8. Ghost in the Machine (PN 111)
  9. Dark Orbit Part 1 (PN 109)
  10. Dark Orbit Part 2 (PN 110)
  11. The Biot In Red (PN 107)
  12. The Gauntlet (PN 114)
  13. Three Into One (PN 113)
  14. Life Lessons (PN 115)
  15. The Magician (PN 116)
  16. Swifter, Higher, Faster (PN 117)
  17. Lasers in the Jungle (PN 112)
  18. Down the Line (PN 118)
  19. Control Group (PN 119)
  20. A Boy and His Cat (PN 120)

Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 (1995-96) (only 15 episodes in season 2)
Episodes are all graded after their summaries on a scale of A (excellent) to C (average) to E (terrible), NR means Not Ratable. Ratings are compared to "an average animated series" (not compared to other P2040 episodes), which is why the average rating is above a B. Ratings are all my personal opinion, but hey what do you want? Authorship hath its privileges.

------------- WARNING: Some spoilers below in plot summaries! ------------------
  1. Rite of Passage (PN 220A)
    W: Richard Merwin
    A "retrospective" show, bringing you up-to-date on the goings-on in season 1. Entirely made from clips of season 1 shows with a new linking voiceover from Kit, this episode features the origins/histories of the heroes: Kit, Heloise, Sparks, Guran, Sagan. [NR]
  2. The World is My Jungle (PN 220B)
    W: Richard Merwin
    A "retrospective" show, bringing you up-to-date on the goings-on in season 1. Entirely made from clips of season 1 shows with a new linking voiceover from Kit, this episode features the origins/histories of the villains: Rebecca, Max Sr, Max Jr, Graft. [NR]
  3. Sanctuary (PN 221)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Len Wein
    When the Egyptian Queen Nia returns to defeat the Phantom, she brings along ace marksman Gunnar to assist. But while they hunt him in the Ghost Jungle, Gunnar can't pass up the chance to hunt the rare, supposedly nonexistent Shadow Panther. Meanwhile, Max Jr remains blissfully trapped in VR - and Rebecca schemes to coax him out of his reverie by giving Baudelaire the boot... [A-]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    Liz GeorgesRogue Biot 2
    Charles DennisRogue Biot 1
    Stu RosenCommander
  4. The Ties That Bind (PN 222)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Brynne Stephens and Michael Reaves
    Rebecca launches what may be the first physical attack in her bid to begin the Maximum Era by destroying Dykstra Platform, home of Sean 1. Meanwhile, Max finally is lured out of VR and Pavlova can't take working for Dr. Jak anymore, exercising her free will to resign. Vaingloria hires onto the Maximum security force as Sagan is knocked into a coma. How can anyone's lives be the same after this? [A+]
  5. The Woman in the Moon (PN 223)
    W: Sam Graham and Chris Hubbell
    An intercepted shipment of cloned hands being sent to the orbital platform has the Phantom intrigued and sends him on a space-hunt as the orbital platforms vote on whether to form their Free Orbital Nation. [B+]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    Kath SoucieBiot Guard
    Cain DevoreSubliminal Voice
    Stu RosenOfficious Stringer
  6. Matter Over Mind (PN 224)
    W: Marc Scott Zicree
    The truth behind the origins of Cairo and the contents of the train wreck that destroyed Sector Zero may destroy the Phantom and his friends -- one way, or another. [A+]
  7. The Sins Of Our Fathers Part 1 (PN 225)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Many major plots reach a crescendo pitch as Sagan regains consciousness and her relationship with Kit is finally resolved, the truth behind the Sector Zero crash and all its ramifications is revealed, and the Maximum Era counts down to launch. [A+]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    Kath SoucieSecurity Biot/Biot Tech
  8. The Sins Of Our Fathers Part 2 (PN 226)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Having been convinced by his friend Guran to go to Africa, his ancestral home, Kit finds deeper truth than even he imagined in the Phantom's fight for justice through the ages. Meanwhile, the truth behind Max Madison Sr's original plan and the cause of the train wreck are revealed and lead to a shocking conclusion -- and the beginning of the Maximum Era. [A+]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    Jennifer HaleAnalytical
  9. Sacrifice Part 1 (PN 227)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Brynne Stephens
    Kit and his friends return to his lair and find the mysterious message left by Kit's father, as the Madisons scheme to escape the dome with the assistance of Gorda (who may or may not be helping...). But when Kit has to choose between the life of a person he loves and the life of Metropia itself, how does he decide? (Unfortunately, the animation quality takes a major step down with this episode). [A-]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    Corey Burton 23rd Phantom / Biot
  10. Sacrifice Part 2 (PN 228)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Michael Reaves
    Kit's continuing search for a way to save his father leads to some interesting revelations about Max Madison Sr., Mr. Cairo, and the 23rd Phantom, and puts Cairo in the worst danger he's ever encountered. Meanwhile, the Madisons and Gorda continue wreaking havoc while Rebecca attempts to put a "positive spin" on their scheming. [B]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    Corey Burton 23rd Phantom / Security Biot
  11. Rogue (PN 230)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Shari Goodhartz
    Heisenberg returns, still acting as a Biot Messiah, but this time he's branded a Rogue Biot and Max Jr is out to reclaim his lost property. Meanwhile, Jak becomes more aware that Pavlova has become more aware... Interesting plot, but awkward scripting. [B-]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    Iona MorrisCommander Iyapo
    Stu RosenGP Biot
  12. The Second Time Around (PN 229)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Mel Gilden
    When the Phantom stops a crime in progress, the criminal surprises the Phantom with an unexpected sigil, and leads Kit into the first-ever "Virtual Reality" excursion into the Phantom Chronicles, where he (confusingly) enters and interacts with and changes(?) an action-filled story of the 20th Phantom. A decent episode marred only by the confusing "VR-is-history" bit. [B]
    (My tape cut off the credits, which is a shame, cause this ep more than most has lots of different voices - does anyone out there have voice credits for this one?).
  13. The Furies (PN 232)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Brynne Stephens
    Fissures in Gorda and Rebecca's "partnership" provide an exploitable weakness - but who's exploiting it, and why? A so-so "filler" episode. [C]
    (My tape cut off the credits - does anyone out there have voice credits for this one?).
  14. Moments of Truth (PN 231)
    Story: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Teleplay: Shari Goodhartz
    An uneven episode as Gorda and Rebecca fight over Rebecca's smuggling of yellow roses. Why would the all-powerful head of Maximum, Inc smuggle in flowers that can be grown right here in Metropia? Meanwhile, Sparks' ignorance of geography leads Kit to enrolling him at the University. [C]
    Add'l Voice Credits
    J.D. HallAnalytical
    Jeff BennettScavenger
    Stu RosenBiot
  15. The Whole Truth (PN 233)
    W: Richard Merwin
    Once and for all we finally experience the whole truth about the night the train wreck ruined Grand Central Station and the Phantom and Max Madison Sr. were killed - from no less a source than Max Madison himself. This season finale has the feel of a "possible series finale", too, as they make a quick attempt to at least wind down every ongoing plotline. "One minute it's World War IV, and next..." [B-]

    Full Show Credits (transcribed from 209-211 & 213-214)
    Based on the Character Created byLee Falk
    Developed for Television by David J. Corbett
    Executive Story Editors Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Additional Development by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Supervising Producer Mitch Lemire
    Producer Milt Vallas
    Art Director/Conceptual DesignerThom Schillinger
    Original Model Design Peter Chung
    Additional Model Design John Lee
    Danny Taverna
    Danny Tolentino
    Background Layout Jesse Santos
    Cesar Magsombol
    Background Color Ron Roesch
    Storyboards Vincenzo Trippetti
    Thomas Nesbitt
    Adrian Gonzales
    Romeo Francisco
    Storyboard Cleanup John Lee
    Abel Laxamana
    E.R. Cruz
    Juan Luna
    Alfonso DeLeon
    Danilo Taverna
    Ernie Guanlao
    Danilo Tolentino
    Michael Takamoto
    Storyboard Supervisor Glen Hill
    Voice Direction Stu Rosen (ep 211, 213-214)
    Charles Howerton (ep 209-210)
    Cast(see individual episode listings for cast listings)
    Assistant Producer Stefan Marks
    Production Comptroller Sally Ng
    Production Executive Steve Herman
    Educational Consultant John Arnold
    Assistant to Milk Vallas Rex Faraday
    Production Coordinators Katharine Nartonis
    Courtney Narz
    Music Composed & Performed by Gerald O'Brien
    Additional Music by Larry Brown
    Steve Sexton
    Songs by David J. Corbett and Gerald O'Brien
    Pre-Edit/Track Reader Peter Aries
    Storyboard Timing Bob Nesler
    Assistant Sheet Direction Sandi Hathcock
    Post Production Audio France: H2 Prod.
    Montage: H2 Prod.
    Dialogue Recording and Editing Screen Music Studios
    Riverton Studios
    Animation Direction Jim Simon
    Yves Fleury Collet
    Production Supervisors France: Scott La Barge
    Korea: Serge Conchonnet
    Post Production Supervisor/EditorFrance: Scott La Barge
    French Production AdapterFrance Helene Joubaud
    Supervising Producer Rene Huchez
    Production Manager Caroline Guicheux
    Production Supervisor Valerie Godard
    Animation Production Sei Young Animation Co., Ltd.
    Executives in Charge Choi An Hee
    Cho Jung Jin
    Exeuctive Producers William E. Miller
    David Corbett
    Carol Monroe
    Produced by Hearst Entertainment
    France 3
    Created for Television by Hearst Entertainment, Inc.
    Phantom 2040 and its characters are trademarks of The Hearst Corporation (c) 1995

    Hearst Entertainment, Inc. and King Features Syndicate, Inc.

    All Rights Reserved.

    Air dates

    Air dates given are Sundays, as the majority of stations airing the syndicated show are airing it on Sundays. If your station shows Phantom on Saturday or Friday, subtract one or two days from each date as appropriate. Official syndication airdates are "week of" the Monday before the Sunday listed below. That is, the episodes may contractually be shown anytime up to six days before the date listed below.

    These future airdates are tentative, but fairly accurate (based on past observation). The station I deal with notes that the official airdate listing they have has typos which make "The Second Time Around" disappear from the schedule; they intend to air the show as listed below, but typos may cause other stations around the country to do different things.

    09/17/95 201 Rite of Passage
    09/24/95 202 The World is My Jungle
    10/01/95 203 Sanctuary
    10/08/95 204 The Ties That Bind
    10/15/95 205 Woman In The Moon
    10/22/95 206 Matter Over Mind
    10/29/95 207 The Sins Of The Fathers Part 1 
    (new opening credit sequence begins with all airings 
    after 10/30/95, including reruns:)
    11/05/95 208 The Sins Of The Fathers Part 2 
    11/12/95 209 Sacrifice Part 1
    11/19/95 210 Sacrifice Part 2
    11/26/95 211 Rogue
    12/03/95 201R Rite of Passage
    12/10/95 202R The World is My Jungle
    12/17/95 203R Sanctuary
    12/24/95 204R The Ties That Bind
    12/31/95 205R Woman In The Moon
    01/07/96 206R Matter Over Mind
    01/14/96 207R The Sins Of The Fathers Part 1 
    01/21/96 208R The Sins Of The Fathers Part 2 
    01/28/96 209R Sacrifice Part 1
    02/04/96 210R Sacrifice Part 2
    02/11/96 212 The Second Time Around
    02/18/96 213 The Furies
    02/25/96 214 Moments of Truth
    03/03/96 215 The Whole Truth
    03/10/96 201R Rite of Passage
    03/17/96 202R The World is My Jungle
    03/24/96 203R Sanctuary
    03/31/96 204R The Ties That Bind