Phantom 2040 Episode Guide

Season 1

by Mark Thompson
Version 2.0

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Phantom 2040

(30 min, animated, Fall 1994 - present, syndicated)
Phantom 2040 is an unusually engrossing show with a small but growing audience. Currently found in syndication across the country, its audience fluctuates with its airtime from location to location. In my home city of San Jose, it is shown at 7:30am Sunday mornings (ack!).

Phantom contains an ongoing storyline with episodic features. Based on a current and long-running comic strip, Phantom 2040 manages to incorporate many of the features of the comic without overwhelming the new viewer. The fascinating view of the medium-distant future and interesting "background story arc" is gaining the show new fans all the time.

Story Background:

The Phantom is also known as "The Ghost Who Walks". He has been a part of African legend since the late 1500's, when he first appeared and began his one-man crusade for justice. Helped by a tribe of African natives and occasional assistants, the Phantom fights the "neverending battle" against injustice wherever it may be found, though nearly always in Africa.

In reality, The Phantom is a direct descendant of the first Phantom. Each father passes the mantle of the Phantom on to his son when the time is right. To the outside world, the Phantom has never aged or died in almost 500 years and has achieved a legendary status. To the Walker family, it is a family tradition and responsibility.

In the early 2020's, having united Africa and finding fewer and fewer problems to fight there, Kit Walker the 23rd Phantom took his crusade to the world. Relocating to Metropia (a renamed New York City), he began fighting the corporate schemer Max Madison. Both the Phantom and Madison vanished the same night a toxic train wreck destroyed Grand Central Station and made a large portion of Metropia uninhabitable.

It is now the year 2040, and Kit Walker Jr. is about to find out about his family's unique history and his obligations.

Show Credits:

Character designs by Peter Chung (creator of Aeon Flux)
Art direction/conceptual design by Thom Schillinger
Character Voices:
Parts credited in the show:
PartActorFirst app
Kit/PhantomScott Valentine101
Rebecca MadisonMargot Kidder 101
Guran J.D. Hall 101
Graft Ron Perlman 101
Maxwell Madison Jr Jeff Bennett 101
Maxwell Madison Sr Jeff Bennett 104
Heisenberg the Biot Rob Paulsen ** 103
Parts unlisted in the show but filled in by Hearst:
Aunt Heloise Carrie Snodgrass 101
Prof Jack Archer Alan Oppenheimer 101
Sagan Cruz Leah Remini 102
Dr. Jak Mark Hamill 102
Sparks Pamela Segall 104
Cairo Paul Williams 104
Vaingloria Deborah Harry 105
Betty (Saxophonist)Iona Morris 103
Pavlova (Jak's Biot) Liz Georges 103
Sean 1 Rob Paulsen 109
Tranh (Kit's friend) Dustin Nguyen 101
Steele Peter Renaday 116
Gorda Paddi Edwards 109
23rd Phantom Kit's Dad Charles Dennis 102
Cordwainer Bird Harlan Ellison *** 120
Actors credited with "Incidentals" by Hearst:
(they play the myriad one-liner voices)
Kath Soucie
Amanda Rogers
Actors credited on the show, but part(s) unknown:
Mel Wells
** Stefan Marks at Hearst says Rob Paulsen plays Heisenberg, though one of the episodes actually lists Jeff Bennett in the credits as the voice of the fractal biot. I'd guess the televised credits were wrong.
*** Cordwainer Bird's voice was mis-credited in the televised credits to belong to "Cain Devore"; it will apparently be corrected in future airings of the episode.

Episode Guide:

Episodes are numbered using a system of YXX where Y is the season number and XX is the episode number within the season. Episodes are numbered according to their airdates (not their production numbers). Each episode is credited with the writer(s) name using the notation "W:" Production Numbers are enclosed in parentheses and prefaced with "PN".
  1. Generation Unto Generation Part 1 (PN 101)
  2. Generation Unto Generation Part 2 (PN 102)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    The origin of the 24th Phantom, as he is called into service on his 18th birthday, unaware of his family's history.
  3. The Sum of the Parts (PN 103)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    Maximum's new invention, the fractal (shape-changing) biot is part of a new plot to capture the Phantom. Meanwhile, Professor Archer finds out about Kit's dual identity.
  4. Fire and I.C.E. (PN 104)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    A new member joins the team - a superhacker kid named Sparks, and just in time to "skate" the Integrated Cyber Environment and meet the mysterious entity known only as Cairo.
  5. Reflections of Glory (PN 105)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    The story behind the rock star, Vaingloria, is revealed during an adventure involving kidnapped teens.
  6. Shadows from the Past (PN 106)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    An egyptian would-be queen wants revenge on the Phantom, who unified her continent many years ago. But when her venom-tipped darts affect Guran instead of Kit, we find out a little more about the night Kit's father vanished.
  7. The Good Mark (PN 108)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    The Phantom learns the meaning of his Good Mark and, in the course of a plot by Maximum to lure the Phantom into a trap, ends up marking Sagan with it.
  8. Ghost in the Machine (PN 111)
    W: Brynne Stephens
    When Rebecca is partially successful in resurrecting her dead husband, more of the history of the Great Train Wreck of 2024 is revealed, as the Phantom squares off with Max Madison, Sr. at Grand Central Station... again.
  9. Dark Orbit Part 1 (PN 109)
    W: Len Wein
  10. Dark Orbit Part 2 (PN 110)
    W: Brynne Stephens
    Sean 1 of the orbital platform is close to achieving his dream of acquiring enough power to enforce a declaration of independence. Will Graft and the Phantom team up to stop him from destroying Metropia and part of the world in his quest for a Free Orbital Nation?
  11. The Biot In Red (PN 107)
    W: Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
    The further adventures of Heisenberg the fractal biot, as he explores the concept of "feelings", and Dr. Jak has to do without his biot assistant for a while.
  12. The Gauntlet (PN 114)
    W: Marc Scott Zicree
    The mystery of Sparks' missing parents is finally solved, during an adventure with a new security system at Cyberville.
  13. Three Into One (PN 113)
    W: Michael Reaves
    Maximum Inc's latest innovation is a virtual theme park featuring the rock star Vaingloria. But when three people seem to be taken over by a strange psychic force, their combined might may be too much for Metropia, so the police decide they need the Phantom's help - and offer him absolution if he solves the case. And the liason the police choose to work with the Phantom? Why, Sagan, of course...
  14. Life Lessons (PN 115)
    W: Brynne Stephens
    Heisenberg returns to warn the Phantom of a danger to both biots and humans deep inside Cyberville. But why would anyone care about the destruction of biots, even Heisenberg? After all, they're not alive... are they?
  15. The Magician (PN 116)
    W: Mel Gilden
    When Sagan digs into the mystery of the Phantom's identity, she uncovers an old associate of the Phantom from 20 years ago. Unfortunately, her search has been tailed - now, can that associate protect both himself and the Phantom from Graft's overeager crew?
  16. Swifter, Higher, Faster (PN 117)
    (Local TV lists it as "Swifter, Higher, and Stronger" and as PN 123).
    W: J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren
    Kit's investigation into the dissemination of a new drug leads him to the athletes at his own college, where his friends confront him about his strange behavior and evasive secrecy.
  17. Lasers in the Jungle (PN 112)
    W: Shari Goodhartz
    When Graft begins to suspect that the Phantom's secret lair is inside the poisoned Sector Zero, he sends in a biot army to find out.
  18. Down the Line (PN 118)
    W: Craig Miller
    A message from the Phantom of 2157 sent back to the Phantom of 2040 leads Kit to some surprising clues and faces him with a difficult choice: whether to continue the Phantom's code against killing, even in the face of the inevitable destruction of the Earth.
  19. Control Group (PN 119)
    W: Shari Goodhartz
    Rebecca's further experimentation with downloading human consciousness into biot bodies leads her to try a daring move: using Graft as a test case, she attempts to effectively "clone" her security chief into dozens of biot bodies. But when the Phantom grabs one of the new Graft-biots he gets more than he expected, as he's able to watch Graft's personal memories and see how this former hero became indentured to Maximum Inc.
  20. A Boy and His Cat (PN 120)
    W: Lydia C Marano & Arthur Byron Cover
    While testing his VR-controlled remote-control biot, Max gets trapped in his VR world; as Rebecca hires an annoying genius to work from Maximum's end, the Phantom works from inside VR to help get Max out before his remote biot wrecks Metropia. But does Max *want* to get out?

Season 2 Episodes

(only 15 episodes in season 2) -----------------
  1. Rite of Passage *
  2. The World is My Jungle *
  3. Sanctuary
  4. The Ties That Bind
  5. The Woman in the Moon
  6. Matter Over Mind
  7. Homecoming Part 1
  8. Homecoming Part 2
  9. Sacrifice Part 1
  10. Sacrifice Part 2
  11. Rogue
  12. The Second Time Around
  13. Moments of Truth
  14. The Furies
  15. The Whole Truth
Episodes 201 and 202 are "retrospective" episodes, mainly consisting of clips from earlier shows. See the Phantom Season 2 Episode Guide for details.

Air dates

Air dates given are Sundays, as the majority of stations airing the syndicated show are airing it on Sundays. If your station shows Phantom on Saturday or Friday, subtract one or two days from each date as appropriate.
6/04/95 101R Generation Unto Generation Part 1 
6/11/95 102R Generation Unto Generation Part 2 
6/18/95 103R The Sum of the Parts
6/25/95 104R Fire and I.C.E.
7/02/95 105R Reflections of Glory
7/09/95 106R Shadows from the Past
7/16/95 107R The Good Mark
7/23/95 108R Ghost in the Machine
7/30/95 109R Dark Orbit Part 1
8/06/95 110R Dark Orbit Part 2
8/13/95 111R The Biot In Red
8/20/95 112R The Gauntlet
8/27/95 113R Three Into One (some stations showed 118: Down the Line) 
9/03/95 114R? Life Lessons ? (some stations showed 119: Control Group) 
9/10/95 115R? The Magician ? (some stations showed 120: A Boy and His Cat)