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August 1, 1996

It Is Now Official

Hearst Entertainment confirms that Phantom 2040 has been cancelled for the 1996-97 season

They are replacing it in their production schedule with Flash Gordon. But they note that the show is still available for syndication and will still be offered to stations, and with 33 or 35 episodes available for syndication, they have passed the required 26 (standard "1-season" shows have 26 episodes). So there is hope the show will remain in syndication - and perhaps we can get more episodes produced a couple years down the line.

This site is dedicated to a half-hour animated program aired from 1994-1996 on television screens worldwide... Phantom 2040! An incredible mix of science-fiction, action/adventure, and historical adventure, Phantom 2040 draws on the legacy of the legendary comic strip character created by Lee Falk in the 1930's and follows the adventures of the Phantom in the future.

Phantom 2040 is an unusually engrossing show with a small but dedicated audience. Occasionally found in syndication across the country, its audience fluctuates with its airtime from location to location.

Phantom 2040 contains an ongoing storyline with episodic features. Based on the current and long-running comic strip "The Phantom", Phantom 2040 manages to incorporate many of the features of the comic strip without overwhelming the new viewer. The fascinating view of the medium-distant future and interesting "background story arc" is particularly engaging - personally, I feel that in its second season Phantom 2040 was one of the best science fiction shows on TV, matching even such stalwarts as DS9 and B5 with its intense whipsawing plotlines and chair-gripping climaxes.

Story Background:

The Phantom is also known as "The Ghost Who Walks". He has been a part of African legend since the late 1500's, when he first appeared and began his one-man crusade for justice. Helped by a tribe of African natives and occasional assistants, the Phantom fights the "neverending battle" against injustice wherever it may be found, though nearly always in Africa.

In reality, The Phantom is a direct descendant of the first Phantom. Each father passes the mantle of the Phantom on to his son when the time is right. To the outside world, the Phantom has never aged or died in almost 500 years and has achieved a legendary status. To the Walker family, it is a family tradition and responsibility.

In the early 2020's, having united Africa in 2014 and finding fewer and fewer problems to fight there, Kit Walker the 23rd Phantom took his crusade to the world. Relocating to Metropia (a renamed New York City), he began fighting the corporate schemer Max Madison. Both the Phantom and Madison vanished the same night a toxic train wreck destroyed Grand Central Station and made a large portion of Metropia uninhabitable.

It is now the year 2040, and Kit Walker Jr. has just found out about his family's unique history and his obligations. As his life is changed in unpredictable ways, he finds himself battling the same mega-corporation his father did, fighting their ultimate plan to remake the world... and begin "The Maximum Era".

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