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cast photo
Cast Photo from Series 3 (1988). Pictured (left to right):
Guy Siner as Lt. Gruber, Kim Hartman as Helga, Richard Gibson as Herr Flick,
Vicki Michelle as Yvette, (standing behind) Arthur Bostrom as Officer Crabtree,
(standing in front) Francesca Gonshaw as Maria, Carmen Silvera as Edith Artois,
Gorden Kaye as Rene Artois, Rose Hill as Fanny, and Jack Haig as Roger Leclerc.
(Not pictured) Richard Marner as Col. Von Strohm, Sam Kelly as Capt. Hans Geering,
Kirsten Cooke as Michelle.
Photo found in Jeremy Lloyd's autobiography.

'Allo 'Allo - Show Credits

'Allo 'Allo

Length:		half-hour
Format:		live action
Show began:	Fall 1984
Show ended:	Spring 1992 (with one "special" in 1994)
Network:	BBC 1

Acting Credits:

Leading Characters:
The French:
Rene Francois Artois
(and his twin brother Rene)
Gorden Kaye
Edith Melba ArtoisCarmen Silvera
Madame Fanny La Fan (Edith's mother)Rose Hill
Yvette Carte-BlancheVicki Michelle
Maria Recamier (series 1-3)Francesca Gonshaw
Mimi Labonq (series 4-9)Sue Hodge
Michelle "of the Resistance" DuboisKirsten Cooke
Monsieur Roger Leclerc (series 1-5)Jack Haig
Monsieur Ernest Leclerc (series 6-9)Derek Royle (series 6)
Robin Parkinson (series 7-9)
Monsieur Alphonse ("Swiftly, and with style")Kenneth Connor
The Germans & Italians:
Colonel Von StrohmRichard Marner
Lieutenant Hubert GruberGuy Siner
Captain Hans Geering (series 1-4)Sam Kelly
Captain Alberto Bertorelli (series 4-7)Gavin Richards (series 4-6)
Roger Kitter (series 7)
Private Helga GeerhartKim Hartman
Herr Otto FlickRichard Gibson (series 1-8)
David Janson (Series 9)
Herr Engelbert Von Smallhausen (series 2-9)John Louis Mansi
The British:
Officer (Captain) Crabtree (series 2-9)Arthur Bostrom
RAF Flight Lt. Fairfax (series 1-7)John D. Collins
RAF Flight Lt. Carstairs (series 1-7)Nicholas Frankau

Supporting Characters are recurring characters who appeared in 5 or more episodes during the show; they may or may not be individually credited in the Episode Guide for the episodes in which they appear.

Supporting Characters (appeared in more than 5 episodes):
General Erich von KlinkerhoffenHilary Minster
Henriette (Michelle's Assistant) Phoebe Scholfield
Denise Laroque (series 5)Moira Foot
Louise (series 5-9)Carole Ashby

Credits for Series 1-5 were compiled by me with assistance on some spellings from other netizens and other sources. Information on Series 6-9 comes from Jerry G, myself, and Jeff Peck, and is not yet complete.

Brief Bios For Some of the Actors

Information here is gleaned from a number of sources, mostly from a series of newsletter articles in the now-defunct email-zine Vertical Hold, the Internet Movie Database, and Jeremy Lloyd's autobiography "Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This Only Once". Some of it has been augmented and corrected from still other sources, including original copies of other shows.

Gorden Kaye

Carmen Silvera (1922 - 2002)

Vicki Michelle

Francesca Gonshaw

Rose Hill

Kirsten Cooke

Richard Marner

Guy Siner

Sam Kelly

Kim Hartman

Richard Gibson

Kenneth Connor (1916-1993)

Arthur Bostrom

Gavin Richards

Sue Hodge

Moira Foot

Ken Morley


Many thanks to all the wonderful folks, both here in the U.S. and overseas, who helped with information, corrections, distribution, and more for this guide:
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