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Cafe Rene - Books For Sale

Cafe Rene is pleased to offer a number of books for sale in association with Amazon.com, the huge online book retailer known worldwide. Purchases of books through Cafe Rene help support this website! Only ordering a book by clicking on a link below actually counts, though -- if you just go to Amazon on your own and order, your purchases don't count for our site. So click below if you're interested in purchasing!

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We've already done the digging for you and found the key 'Allo 'Allo books and other books by the creators and stars... but maybe you've got an itch to find books more closely related to World War II? Want some more general British TV books? Just humor books? Then try out Amazon.Com's search box below! A portion of the revenue from all purchases made using this box helps support Cafe Rene!

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